AC Granular Ice and StormSeal®

AC Granular Ice and StormSeal® is a self adhesive roofing underlayment. The strong, slip resistant, granular surface helps provide a rugged barrier to physical damage, UV radiation, weather and moisture. The unique, modified asphalt adhesive layer offers the application benefits of cold temperature adhesion and exceptional thermal stability. The self adhesive layer is covered with a high temperature release sheet which is removed during installation.

AC Granular Ice and StormSeal® underlayment has a nominal thickness of 50 mils (1.14mm) and is supplied in 100 sq. ft. (3' x 33.3') (.9m x 10.1m) and 195 sq. ft. (3' x 65') (.9m x 19.8m) rolls. The underlayment is self adhered. No special adhesives, heat or equipment are necessary to install this product.


AC Granular


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