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Northern Elastomeric Incorporated (NEI) was founded in Brentwood, NH in 1989 by Tom Zickell and Mat Bockh to produce SBS modified asphalt, self-adhesive, roofing and waterproofing products. The initial market was a residential ice and water protection product. Through innovation NEI became one of the leading suppliers in that market.

NEI went on to enter other self-adhesive markets such as thru-wall flashing, below grade waterproofing and air barrier products. NEI also started private labeling products for other companies.

In 1999 NEI became a joint venture with Owens Corning. This high successful combination has been able to unite Owens Corning’s brand name and system approach with NEI’s innovative culture and self-adhesive expertise.

NEI continues to produce new and innovative products for our customers in a variety of different markets through market insight, pioneering formulations, lead-user monitoring and customer feedback. NEI makes the highest quality products at low cost production rates to give our customers what they want - the best product at the best price.



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